Hiking with rescue horses and donkeys

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We are so glad you would like to go hiking with our rescue horses and donkeys!


Everyone can participate in the walk. Young, old, active people or people with poor mobility etc. are all welcome! You also don’t need any experience with horses or donkeys. Really everyone can come along! The routes we have are:

  • A swimming walk takes about 1.5 hours to 2 hours.

Please notice! We do hikings next to the horses and donkeys. This is a unique experience, at which the wellbeing of our horses and donkeys is our main prioritiy, without burdening them. They really enjoy the hikings and love to take a dive in the ocean!

Available dates

We are available, by appointment, on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday most of the time, at 9AM (09.00) or 16.30PM.
On weekends ia possible, we charge an allowance of +10EUROS of 20ANG 

Start of the hike

Pippi’s opvang takes in traumatised horses, dogs, donkeys, cats, chicken, pigs and turtles. Most animals experience a great deal of stress when unfamiliair people enter our rescue centre. For these animals, home is a relaxed, safe and quiet place. Animals who are sufficiently socialized, go with us on a nice hike.


To keep the quiet at our rescue centre, we don’t start the hikes at this location, but elsewhere. 

  •  From the Ostrich Farm you ride along the unpaved road, you can drive up to the ocean and then you can park your car. There are picnic tables and shade.

Tip: nice to have a picnic beforehand! There is a playground for children. Made possible by the Uniek Curaçao foundation

The hike

We can’t stand still with our animals so we start to hike immediately. Therefor it is very important to be on time and ready to go.

Think about:

  • Being on time at the agreed meeting spot. When you’re on your way, keep in mind there can be traffic. So leave on time from your hotel/ resort/ home!
  • Park your car ahead of the meeting time so we can leave to go hike right away. Don’t leave valuable, personal stuff (bags, sunglasses etc.) in your car.
  • Shoes and clothing will get wet and dirty at the hike, because they will stay on during swimming! So don’t put on you newest clothes but make sure you have enough covered to protect you from the sun. Think of a t-shirt, sunglasses and a hat is usefull as well.
  • Due to safety, you are obligated to wear sturdy shoes.
  • Things that are unsuitable for the hike: bikinis, dresses, sandals, flip flops and water shoes. Leave these at home or in your car.
  • Due to the heat, we recommend to bring a bottle of water in a handy bag, so your hands are free during the hike.
  • Put on a good amount of sunblock before the hike. Make sure this is all done before we start the hike! If you arrive 10 minutes ahead of the meeting time you will have enough time to do this and we won’t have to wait with the animals.
  • Option: Have a photographer take photos of your unique experience from 30 to 60 photos. Family 95 ANG and groups 115 ANG.

Rent shoes

For a small compensation of € 2,50 or 5,- ANG a pair, we rent rubber boots (European size 24 – 44).
Please state your shoe size with your reservation so we can bring them with us. We also suggest you wear high socks, since the top edges of the boots can rub against the skin.


  • The hike costs € 50,00 of 100,- ANG per person. Weekend allowance +10,- / 20 ANG
  • Group rate for a children's party, team outing or group of friends: 10 people € 300.00 or 650 ANG
  • The payment has to be done at least 2 days before the hike, to the foundations bank account(s).
  • The date of reservation is final as soon as we get a screenshot with confirmation of payment transfer.
  • You can also pay with a gift card.
  • It is not possible to pay cash at the start of the walk.

All earnings are a donation for the animals. From these donations we buy food and bills from the vet.

You can find our bank details here to transfer the money.

Do you want a small taste of the experience? Watch the following video!

Sign up

Got excited? Sign up via the forms above for one of our hikes!

Please notice! If you booked a hike via the form and payed in advance, the reservation is final.

You can cancel your reservation up until 48 hours before your booked hike. Only then, you get a voucher to come back another time. This voucher is valid for 12 months.


Just: “walking along, taking photos or watching” means participating in the hike and also paying.
Following by car of drone is not allowed.


The walk is with formerly abused, abandoned, traumatized and / or old donkeys and horses. The "daily keepers" check on the day itself which animals are healthy, fit and cheerful to walk with. For the love of the animals we look at which animal best suits the walkers during the walk.

They are all equally special, as a hiker you are a guest in the herd. The horses and donkeys are absolutely not toys and are not ridden! Health and fun for the animals is always at the top!

Hopefully see you soon during this unique experience on Curaçao!